"And we were COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by the food. I kid you not. Despite sweating it out in a small restaurant and coming out looking and smelling the worse for wear, we were more than happy..."

- Pink.Fluff.Love, 2014

"Mookata uses a domed shaped pot with a BBQ top and a shallow based soup pot. Pork lard is used to oil the BBQ top and as you cook the meat, the oil will drip into the soup! Hahahaha soooo unhealthy."

- FelEATS, 2014

"Slurps slurps slurps~ Someone bring me there now! Pretty pls...?"

- Chloe WL, 2014

"I liked how cheerful the place was, with red being the domineering colour, together with rainbow lights and posters. Service was superb too. The staff would patiently explain the menu (which was especially useful for first times) and would automatically top up the soup."

- thywhaleliviousfay eats, 2015

"This is by far the best Mookata place I've ever been to and I am already sooooo looking forward to my next visit!"

- Shennyyang, 2013

"They were so generous with the meat! We didn't have to order more meat. We usually have to order an extra plate but at Tom Yum Kungfu it was an exception. Still got scallop leh!!"

- Ohsofickle, 2013